Terms of Service

CopyrightAll images on this website are copyrighted to Kelly Barnes unless agreed otherwise. I retain the copyright on all artwork I create. If you use images obtained from this website to create logos, promotional material or for use on another website, this may be classified as copyright infringement. Permission to reuse images must be gained from Kelly Barnes before they can be used.

I maintain the right for displaying any work I create on my website or elsewhere. If you strongly object to this, it is your responsibility to make me aware, so that I am able to respect your wishes.

Conditions: Once an agreement has been made on the photograph to be drawn, I will confirm the price and expected time-scale for completing the work. I will then request a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total price. Once work has commenced, it will not be possible to change the photograph used.

I will email you a copy of the finished portrait for your approval before full payment. Once approved, I will request payment of the remaining 80% balance plus the cost of sending the finished portrait by Special Delivery. Upon completion of the drawing and your final approval,  I will use a spray fixer to fix the artwork. You are obliged to complete full and final payment within seven days of approval. I will send you the finished portrait once the payment has cleared. Methods of payment accepted are cheque, direct bank transfer or Pay Pal, where the person commissioning the drawing must cover any additional costs requested by Pay Pal. No refunds will be given unless the work has been damaged, lost or stolen in transit. Photo evidence must be provided to me to enable me to claim a refund from the postal/delivery service. 

Visitors to my website can be assured that protection of privacy and confidentiality are given the highest priority and that all personal information collected is held and used in compliance with the EU Data Protection Act 2018. By providing photographs to me in order to commission the drawing, you are consenting to my use of the photograph provided. You are also giving me permission to use the finished drawing, for example, on my website and social media site. There will be no issues in removing the work or not publishing it for any reason.

Changes to the terms of service: I reserve the right to change the terms of service. Any updated version will take effect from the time of posting on my website.

Advice regarding caring for your pencil portrait: Prior to framing the drawing, it is important to keep the pencil portrait within the plastic sleeve it is mailed in, to avoid damaging or smudging the drawing. It is advisable that you keep the drawing out of direct sunlight, heat, or damp/humid areas as this could affect the paper and appearance of the drawing.