About Kelly

Hi, I'm Kelly and I am a portrait artist specialising in graphite pencil portraits and drawings.

I am very privileged to live and work in the beautiful Dales area of North Yorkshire and take much inspiration from the beauty of the land around me.

I really enjoy drawing a diverse range of subjects – people, children, pets, wildlife, botanicals, buildings and places.

My preferred medium is graphite pencil. I've always loved working in pencil as I feel I'm able to capture the finer detail and character of my subjects as well as the subtlety in expression and features. 

I've always been creative, but it was in 2010, alongside building a rewarding career as a specialist palliative care nurse, that I began developing my skill in pencil portraiture. I started creating pencil portraits and pencil drawings for customers in 2014 and, encouraged by the wonderful feedback from those early commissions, I have been growing in refining my technique and perception, learning how to truly ’see’ whatever it is that I'm drawing. I now receive portrait and drawing commissions from across the world.

When drawing people or pets, my mission is not just to create an exact likeness, but also to sensitively capture the essence of the unique character, reflecting something of the individual person or pet that will touch the hearts of those who know the subject best.

If you’d like to know more about commissioning a pencil portrait or drawing please do get in touch.

In 2018, I began to produce a series of botanical and wildlife pencil drawings. In 2019, encouraged by friends and family, I took the plunge and had them reproduced as a series of cards and prints. I then created and launched my Etsy shop and haven’t looked back since! 

I also sell my botanical and wildlife cards and prints in a number of craft shops, at art exhibitions and at craft fairs across the country.

If you’d like to buy any of my cards or prints please visit my Etsy store.

Profit donations from all commissions and sales

I donate a portion of the proceeds from all product sales and commissions to support ethnic minorities in Burma. Why Burma?

In 2005/06, sponsored by the British Medical Association, I had the privilege of co-leading a health and nutrition programme amongst the Karen people in the jungles of South Eastern Burma. Working with traditional birth attendants and local health workers, we were able to help set up a small programme aimed at improving the health of mothers and babies and reducing the infant mortality rate. It was hugely impactful to spend time with families who had fled into the jungle to escape the civil war and to work with the Karen Health Department in setting the programme up. 

Through contacts made on those trips, I have been able to stay connected with various projects on the ground in Eastern Burma and I now donate a percentage of my profits to support some of these projects. More recently, I have been supporting a programme to develop a network of water pipes in villages in Mon State, meaning that the villagers no longer have to walk to the river to get water. 

Kelly Barnes Portraits - Capturing the Essence
North Yorkshire, United Kingdom